Stearyl Methacrylate

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Stearyl Methacrylate

CAS# 32360-05-7
Formula: C22H42O2
Synonyms: SMA; Octadecyl methacrylate; 2-Propenoic acid 2-methyl-octadecyl ester

Stearyl Methacrylate is used in oil additives as flow/viscosity index improver for highly paraffinic oils and as pour point depressant. May also be employed in concrete and paper coatings, textile finishes, varnishes, pressure-sensitive adhesives. May be incorporated as co-monomer in paint resins, hair-care compositions, plastics and floor care products.

Product Specifications

Molecular Weight   338.6
Appearance   Pale yellow liquid
Density   0.86 g/cm3
Refractive Index   1.4503
Color   200 max.
Assay   97.0 % min.
Acidity   0.05 % max.
Water Content   0.1 % max.
Inhibitor (MEHQ)   100 ± 20 ppm
Boiling Point   190 – 210 °C at 64 hPa
Melting Point   19 °C
Flash Point   196 °C
Market   Acrylates

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